School Life


Boarding Life at U.L.M.H.A: A home away from home

Boarding life has numerous benefits, with the main one being that students’ remaining on site allows them to fully take advantage of everything that U.L.M.H.A. has to offer. Each dormitory (boarding house) creates an atmosphere that lets students feel at home and fulfill their academic potential. 

Matrons, who also live-in, facilitate the day-to-day domestic side of the dorms. Boarding is available to pupils from Year 1 to Year 13. Some of the facilities include Common Rooms with TV (DSTV), kitchen areas for preparing light snacks, hot showers and laundry service.

Prep time is a component of boarding life and entails pupils being supervised by a member of the teaching staff as they carry on with their prep (homework) each evening.

Parents are welcome to visit their children at any time, by arrangement with their child’s Dorm Master/Mistress. The School also welcomes parents during Parents’ Weekends of which there is one each half term.

Our community welcomes those of all faiths and none, whereas students of faith are encouraged to practice their faiths with the School, where we provide opportunities for worship and prayer on and off site.

Day Scholars

Day scholars are as integral to our school as boarders and as such, we have a flexible approach and if they wish to stay overnight in dorms for matches or socials, this is achievable through prior permission.

Students living near U.L.M.H.A. often choose to be day scholars. The school provides a daily transport service; picking students up from their residence in the morning and dropping them off again after the school day has finished. There are five buses after school; Junior day scholars leave at 3.00pm, whilst Senior day scholars leave at 4.00pm. This allows the day scholars to take part in after school clubs and activities.

Day scholars are provided with a two course hot lunch everyday and special dietary requests can be catered for. In addition there are two snack and drink breaks during the day.

Facilities hire

see when our facilities are available for hire throughout the year

Community Use of School Facilities

Where possible, we will make our school’s facilities (buildings and grounds) available for hire by community groups.

Examples of community use include (but are not limited to) sporting and social clubs, and church groups to conduct their regular activities or meetings. Activities need to be consistent with the educational aims of the school and not interfere with its operations.

Non-Community Use of School Facilities

Again where possible, our facilities and resources may be provided for non-community use.

Non-community use refers to organizations that are conducting a business using school premises. Examples of non-community use include dance lessons, fitness programs, sports clinics and churches.

For Facility Hire enquiries please call us via our contact details.


Help us serve you better!

Muumandu Hills Academy follows the Kenyan curriculum. It includes the Competency Based Curriculum from Preschool to Grade 4 and the 8.4.4 from year 5 onwards. Our sole objective is to offer the local curriculum  while applying global best practice in pedagogy. We have a specific focus on upholding and retaining Kenyan values. 

For any further clarification, speak to one of our admissions representatives now to see what is required for admissions. Kindly contact us on or call us on 0740 776 531 or 0756 494 965

No, we have intakes running throughout the year if there is space available for the required year group. At The Ultimate Leader Muumandu Hills Academy we have a strong belief that our education should enable each learner to make amazing academic progress no matter their entry point.

Whole Lots! We have a very wide range of competitive sports which we pride in as a school, from swimming lessons, to basketball sessions, football matches, chess, badminton, music cyphers etc. We also offer opera training, ballet, art, drama and many other clubs. Visit us to have a firsthand experience and to see more.

We have a parents portal where a parent can access all information on their child’s progress as well as track fee statements. This does not replace face to face interactions. We hold open days where a parent can discuss their child’s progress with the teachers, one-on-one. We also hold information sessions and other meetings for all parents as a group to discuss issues that affect the whole school.